Our Story

New Tech Now began as a grassroots organization offering workshops to students, teachers, veterans, and seniors interested in learning skills that would provide them with an understanding of emerging technologies. We saw a need within our community to offer access to advanced tools within schools to prepare students for future job skills. We began making 3D printers, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) training, and VR/AR software accessible to teachers and students to encourage innovation at a young age. At the time, our founder Joyce Peppel was caring for her disabled husband. She was spending long hours in rehabilitation and veteran facilities. She observed a strong need for seniors and veterans to learn new skills as they age. She thought...wouldn't it be wonderful if we could leverage the talent, skills, and experience of our seniors and veterans with computer savvy youth? 

In August 2017 we incorporated as a non-profit and became a 501(c) by December of that same year. Our mission is to bring people together to improve their lives through technology. This encompasses building new skills, making products that will improve lives, creating businesses, providing purpose, or simply providing a resource for educators that are struggling to give their students the tools they need to prepare for the future. We are very proud of the work we have accomplished this far

and looking forward to continuing our mission nationwide. 

New Tech Now

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Alachua, Florida